Songs in Progress
(for grannies only)
Behead Every Mountain (7-10-2017)
Canaries in the Mine
Corporations Are Not Persons
Do You Hear Wisconsin Sing (Sheila)
Five Judges
Grannies Are a Low Level Threat (2-9-17)
Gun Control (10-3-17)
Healing & Restoration (8-25-2016)
Health Care (6/24/2017)
Incarceration In the USA (6-23-16)
O Madison (Andrea)
Oil Spree (rev by Sheila & Kathy 5-25-16)
On Wisconsin! _ R.O.C. Wisconsin! (8-2016)
Possible Dream (K Miner & original version)
Rock-a-My-Soul Medley (9-11-2017)
Song of Sixpence (2-13-2017)
Sweet Betsy DeVos (2-13-17)
Tony Robinson - We've Got Some Grieving to Do (Andrea)
We're Here for You, Tony Robinson (Kathy & Sheila)
When We Hear Black Lives Matter (Sheila 7-26-16)
White Privilege
White Supremacy (8-17-2017)
Wisconsin Anti-Fracking (Metje)
Working Together (12-24-2016)
You've Been Fracked