Some of the
Gigs We Have Sung At
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Aug. 6Lanterns for Peace, Tenney Park
Click for event photosSept. 10Fighting Bob Fest, Baraboo WI
Oct. 13Cardinal Bar, Madison
Nov. 12WILPF meeting at Madison Senior Center
Dec. 12Capitol Square U.S. Post Office, Madison,
for 24 Year Mark of the Madison Peace Vigil
March 18Campus peace rally, UW-Madison
Aug. 6 Lanterns for Peace, Tenney Park
Sept. 8 "Bless Our Planet": A Concert for Peace, UW-Library Mall
Sept. 9 Fighting Bob Fest, Baraboo WI
Oct. 6 Lakeside Printing Coop's 25th Anniversary Party at Mickey's tavern
Dec. 13Doleta Chapru's birthday party
Jan. 20WILPF dinner
Jan. 22L'chayim at Beth Israel
March 25  Prairie UU Society program on Molly Ivins
April 14Program on Molly Ivins at Wil-Mar Center (Socialist Potluck)
May 2League of Women Voters at the Edgewater
June 16Juneteenth Celebration
Aug. 6Lanterns for Peace, Tenney Park
Aug. 11Farmers' Market Serenade
Sept. 8Fighting Bob Fest, Baraboo WI
Oct. 12FFRF annual convention at Monona Terrace
Click for event photosOct. 27Peace march and rally in Chicago
Nov. 2First Congregational Church, TimeBank's 2nd Birthday Party
Nov. 5WXXM radio, The Mike (92.1)
Nov. 11High Noon Saloon, benefit for MAPC
Click for event photosDec. 1MATC, Fair Trade Holiday Festival
Click for event photosDec. 12Monona Terrace, for Capital Times 90th Birthday Celebration.
Hear the performance online here (6 MB MP3) or watch the video (between minutes 12 and 19) by clicking on Watch after the top paragraph at
Jan. 15UNA-USA Dane County Chapter meeting at Meriter Main Gate
Jan. 20Fundraiser for Military Families for Peace at Ground Zero Coffee House
Jan. 28L' chayim Luncheon at Beth Israel, 1400 Mound St., Madison
May 24Madison Area Peace Coalition Surge Against War! events at Federal Court House and Stage Door Theater
Click for event photosJuly 19Serenade at Farmers' Market on the square
Click for event photosJuly 27Event for Witness Against War walkers at St. Bernard Catholic Church in Madison. Hear 3 songs online here (5 MB MP3) and watch a YouTube video here.
Click for event photosAug 1Witness Against War event at Garden Party Café in Baraboo
Click for event photosSept. 6 Fighting Bob Fest, Baraboo WI
Sept. 17"Speak for Peace" at Capitol Lakes, 333 West Main, Madison
Sept. 20Farmers' Market on the square
Sept. 21Willy Street Parade, Madison
Oct. 4Senior Idol Finals at CUNA Mutual Training Center
Oct. 4WNPJ Annual Conference at Marquette University, Milwaukee
Oct. 11Farmers' Market on the square
Oct. 19MAPC meeting, High Noon Saloon, Madison
Oct. 25Farmers' Market on the square
Oct. 31Grumpy Troll in Mt. Horeb
Jan. 26L'Chayim at Beth Israel synagogue
March 14Kathleen Falk fund-raiser at Imperial Palace restaurant
March 26Video taping at WYOU TV
March 29Military Families for Peace fundraiser at the Ground Zero Coffee House
April 4Peace rally at Capitol
April 21The Gardens senior residence
May 1May Day Rally
Click for event photosMay 10 Midge Miller memorial service & rally
May 16Farmers' Market on the square
Click for event photosMay 29Serenading at local offices of Senators Kohl and Feingold in support of single payer health care. Hear the Single Payer song (2 MB MP3).
June 10Health Care Demonstration at noon on the steps of the City-County Building. [See event video]
June 17Forum on health care reform at First Unitarian Society
June 20Farmers' Market on the square
July 17Outreach banquet at Monona Terrace
Aug. 7Lanterns for Peace
Click for event photosSept. 12Fighting Bob Fest, Baraboo WI
Sept. 14L'chayim at Beth Israel synagogue
Sept. 17Doctors' Town Hall meeting, "Single-Payer, Healthcare Reform and YOU", at First Unitarian Society
Sept. 20Willy Street Fair
Click for event photosSept. 30Mad as Hell Doctors march and rally in Washington DC
Oct. 3Farmers' Market on the square
Click for event photosOct. 3Awards ceremony at WNPJ Annual Assembly in Madison.
Hear Take Me Out of the War Game (2 MB MP3) and see 40 second QuickTime video clip of rehearsal (21 MB MOV).
Oct. 11MAPC benefit at Harmony Bar
Oct. 17Farmers' Market on the Square
Click for event photosOct. 24350 Climate Change Fair in Port Washington
Click for event photosNov. 4Books Not Bombs rally for Obama visit
Nov. 5Senior Center in downtown Madison
Click for event photosDec. 1Carbon Free, Nuclear Free campaign at the Capitol
Dec. 5Fair Trade Holiday Festival at Monona Terrace
Dec. 12Climate Change Vigil on the Square
Click for event photosMarch 12LBGTQ and Allies Potluck at First Unitarian Society [article]
March 20Peace rally at UW Library Mall
April 17Farmers' Market on the Square
Click for event photosMay 1Labor Temple, 1601 S Park St
May 8Farmers' Market on the Square
May 13Social Justice Center 10th anniversary at Olbrich Gardens
Click for event photosMay 22Farmers' Market on the Square
May 24Lussier Family Heritage Center (in Lake Farm Park)
Click for event photosMay 29Immigration rally at City County Building
June 6Kickoff at Just Coffee on Wilson St. for the Elements Collective bike caravan to the US Social Forum in Detroit
June 12Farmers' Market on the Square. [See video]
June 26Farmers' Market on the Square and Hands Across the Sand Madison at Law Park [See event videos]
July 10Westside Community Market at Hill Farms parking lot, Sheboygan Ave.
July 21Middleton Senior Center
July 24Farmers' Market on the Square.
July 27Anti-anti-gay marriage rally at the Square
Aug. 4Salvation Army
Aug. 5Madison Non-Profit Day senior luncheon, children's group, & nurses group at Warner Park
Aug. 14Farmers' Market on the Square
Aug. 14Wis. Socialist Meeting
Aug. 25Medicaid Town Hall Meeting at Alliant Energy Center
Aug. 28Farmers' Market on the Square
Sept. 11Fighting Bob Fest 2010, Baraboo WI. [video]
Sept. 25Farmers' Market on the Square
Sept. 25Mary Somers 70th birthday party at Prairie UU Meeting House, 2010 Whenona Dr, Madison
Sept. 26MAPC fundraiser, Harmony Bar and Grill
Oct. 2WNPJ Fall meeting and Granny Lifetime Achievement Award, Prairie du Sac. Hear comments about and by grannies. Hear Move On Over and awards. See WNPJ poster and video of Move On Over & awards.
Oct. 10Parade for the Planet and Sustainability Fair
Oct. 23Farmers' Market on the Square
Nov. 6Lisa Link Peace Park grand (re)opening
Nov. 11Celebration for health care workers
Nov. 12Social Justice Center
Nov. 20Train rally
Dec. 4Fair Trade Holiday Fair, Monona Terrace
Dec. 9WYOU TV fundraiser
Click for event photosJan. 15Willy St. Coop, Middleton
Jan. 21, noonBioneers at American Family Insur.
Click for event photosJan. 21, 6:45 pmWake for Democracy, Brocach Irish Pub on Square
Click for event photosFeb. 13Mother Fool's Coffee House for the CORPORATIONS ARE PERSONS NOW art show

Feb. 17Budget bill protest, Capitol Square

Feb. 18Budget bill protest, Capitol Square [Video]
Click for event photosFeb. 19Goodman Community Center - WNPJ 20th anniversary
Feb. 26Budget bill protest, Capitol Square

Feb. 28Budget bill protest, Capitol Square
Click for event photosMarch 1Elders' budget bill protest march, Capitol Square [Video]
March 5Budget bill protest, Capitol Square
Click for event photosMarch 11Capitol Square Elders March #2 [Video]
Click for event photosMarch 12On stage at Capitol protest
March 13St. Pat's Day Parade protest, Capitol Square
March 15Wedding Dance to Reclaim Democracy at High Noon Saloon - South Central Wisconsin Move to Amend.
March 17Capitol Square Elders March #3, on St. Patrick's Day
March 19Rallies on UW Library Mall and Capitol Square
35 photos on flickrMarch 26Women's Studies Consortium at the Pyle Center.
April 3Solidarity Sing-along at the Capitol.
Click for rally crowd photoApril 4Steps of City Hall near Capitol.
April 9Rally at Capitol Square.  [Video]
April 16Farmers' Market on the Square
April 23Farmers' Market on the Square
Click for event photosApril 30Thunda Round the Rotunda motorcycle rally, Capitol Square.
May 6Blue Lake Resort near Minocqua, mentoring the North Woods Grannies
Click for event photosMay 7Many Ways of Peace center in Eagle River, mentoring the North Woods Grannies
Click for photosMay 14The Fight is Not Over rally at the Capitol
Click for photosMay 21Retreat at Friends Meeting House
May 30Memorial Day Parade in Monona with Tammy Baldwin
June 4Soular Fair at Just Coffee Warehouse and Parking Lot
June 17On the Capitol Square
Click for event photosJune 22Kaukauna Methodist church trial
June 25Farmers' Market on the Square
July 20Salvation Army
Aug. 5Get out the vote picnic at Labor Temple
Click for event photosAug. 21Gay Pride Parade
Aug. 25Solidarity march and rally for state workers [video]
Click for event photosAug. 25Democracy Convention - Concourse Hotel [14 min. audio]
Aug. 27Farmers' Market on the Square
Sept. 10Farmers' Market on the Square
Sept. 15Planned Parenthood dinner at Lussier Center - Gammon Rd
Click for event photosSept. 17Fighting Bob Fest - Alliant Memorial Coliseum [16 ½ min. audio] [My Gun video]
Sept. 24Moving Planet event (for in Brittingham Park, Madison
Oct. 6Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C. [Video] includes grannies from Madison.
Oct. 6Firefly Cafe in Oregon
Oct. 8Farmers' Market on the Square
Oct. 15MAPC rally, Library Mall
Oct. 24Grannies led the noon Solidarity Singalong at the Capitol
Nov. 5Move Your Money
Nov. 8Fundraiser for Nat'l Lawyers Guild at Argus Bar
Nov. 15High Noon Saloon
Nov. 18Recall Walker Pep Rally at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison
Nov. 19Recall Rally at the Square
Nov. 19MAPC meeting at Wil-Mar Center
Dec. 3Holiday Fair Trade Fair at Monona Terrace
Dec. 5Vigil for Peace 30th anniversary, MLK Blvd
Dec. 21Program for Occupy Madison
Jan. 16Recall Walker team party, Firehouse Bar & Grill, Mt. Horeb
Jan. 18Women, Labor and Compassion exhibit reception, Madison Municipal Building
Jan. 20Move To Amend Rally, Federal Court House
Jan. 28Middleton Recall Celebration, Lakeview Park
Feb. 10Stoughton Volunteer Thank You Party
Feb. 18Wisconsin Grassroots - Wis. Heights High School
March 7International Women's Day Kick-Off Advocacy Rally, Capitol North Hearing Rm (2nd floor)
May 26Farmers' Market on the Square
May 28Veterans for Peace Memorial Day program at James Madison Park
June 23Retreat at St. John's Lutheran Church, 322 E. Washington Ave, Madison
July 6Water Walk at Winnequah Park, Monona
July 28Maria & Sandra Rybachek Birthday Party, Monona
Aug. 8-112012 Unconvention, Victoria, B.C.
Aug. 18Farmers' Market, Capitol Square
Aug. 19Wisconsin Capitol Pride rally, Capitol steps
Aug. 27Women's equality day, Capitol steps
Sept. 6Choosapalooza for Planned Parenthood, Barrymore Theatre
Sept. 15Fighting Bob Fest, Alliant Energy Center, Madison
Sept. 29Farmers' Market on the Square
Sept. 3060 Plus Association Town Hall Meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel
Oct. 5UW Oshkosh - Statewide conference, Women's Studies/GLBT issues [video]
Oct. 6End the Wars March and Rally - Madison Area Peace Coalition
Oct. 13Farmers' Market on the Square, 9:30-10:30 am
Oct. 13Economic Democracy Conference at Madison College (MATC)
Oct. 19Event in DeForest
Oct. 24Progressive Dane meeting, Hawthorne Library, 2707 E. Washington
Oct. 25Room 411 South, Capitol Building. Hearing on Elections Practices and Procedures. Grannies sang their testimony. [video]
Oct. 26Support for Bainport and Big Bird at the Goodman Center, 149 Waubesa Street.
Oct. 27Farmers' Market on the Square
Nov. 5Obama rally.
Nov. 5The Solidarity Singers celebrated their 500th Singalong at the High Noon Saloon. Grannies were invited to sing.
Dec. 116th Annual Fair Trade Holiday Festival at Monona Terrace
Jan. 26Anti-mining rally at Capitol. [news video]
Feb. 7 10Candlelight Vigil at First Congregational UCC
Feb. 16 9Grassroots Festival, Wisconsin Heights High School
Feb. 16 21Madison Civics Club, Monona Terrace
April 21WNPJ Fundraiser, Tenney Park Shelter
May 8 13League of Women Voters of Dane County Annual Meeting at Capital Lakes
May 25"People's Bratfest" on UW Library Mall
June 1Farmers' Market on the Square
June 15Farmers' Market on the Square
June 18Solidarity Singers Celebration, Vilas Park Shelter
June 21"Make Music Madison" at Community Gardens near the west side DOT
June 28Planned Parenthood
July 20Farmers' Market on the Square
Aug. 8 14National Vets for Peace Conference at Concourse Hotel
Aug. 17Farmers' Market on the Square
Aug. 20WGN in Chicago via phone line
Aug. 24Sussex Solidarity Sing fundraiser picnic
Sept. 7"Fighting Bob Fest" at Alliant Energy Center
Song recordings:
Fighting Bob Song
Mining in the Northwoods
Hey-O, Obama
The Voucher Song
Castle Doctrine Song—BobFest Version                        
The Uterus Song
Granny Song of Solidarity
Sept. 20"The Exquisite Uterus" exhibit at UW-Milwaukee
Sept. 21Farmers' Market on the Square
Sept. 25We were honored with the first annual "Forward Award for Grassroots Activism" from United Wisconsin at Chocolaterian and sang 3 songs
Song recordings:
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy                            
Granny Song of Solidarity
We're Not Giving Up
Oct. 5Farmers' Market on the Square
Oct. 11Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Benefit at
Mt. Horeb High School
Oct. 19Farmers' Market on the Square
Oct. 29 10Madison's Non-Profit Day, Warner Park
Nov. 9 Syrian Refugee Relief Benefit at the Fountain
Restaurant (122 State Street) in the Back Bar
Nov. 23 6Walworth County Dems fundraiser, Delavan
Dec. 7 11Fair Trade Holiday Festival at Monona Terrace [videos on YouTube]
Dec. 19Open Mike at Craftsman Table and Tap in Middleton
March 226th Annual Wisconsin Grassroots Festival, Mazomanie
May 17Farmers' Market, Capitol Square
June 18 Tailgate to Save Our State, Center For Resilient Cities, 501 E. Badger Rd
June 21 Make Music Madison
June 25-28 Raging Grannies Unconvention 2014, Montreal McGill New Residence
July 5Hobby Lobby protest [video]
Aug. 21-28Moral Week of Action at Capitol
Sept. 12Fighting Bob Fest Kickoff at the Barrymore Theater, Madison
Sept. 13Fighting Bob Fest at the Sauk County Fairgrouds, Baraboo
Oct. 25Farmers' Market, Capitol Square [video]
Nov. 2 Town Hall for the 100% (by Nuns on the Bus) at First Unitarian Society   [video1 video2 video3 video4 video5 video6]
Dec. 18Celebrate Resistance to Drone Warfare at St. Johns Lutheran Church, 322 E. Washington Ave.
2015   [annual report]
May 23Farmers' Market, Capitol Square
June 21Make Music Madison, Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society
July 2950th Birthday - Medicare Health Care Celebration at First Unitarian Society
Aug. 15Farmers' Market, Capitol Square
Aug. 17Kick-off Event for the Walk for Peace with Justice at The Stream (Visual/Theatre Arts Center)
Aug. 28Journey for Justice
Sept. 3Support for Clean Power Plan outside Capitol
Sept. 12Farmers' Market, Capitol Square
Sept. 19Fighting Bob Fest 2015 at Breese Stevens Field, Madison
Sept. 20Willy Street Parade
Sept. 26Farmers' Market, Capitol Square
Oct. 755 Alive at First Congregational Church
Oct. 10Farmers' Market, Capitol Square
Oct. 24Farmers' Market, Capitol Square
Dec. 5Fair Trade Holiday Festival at Monona Terrace
2016   [annual report]
Feb. 1Lechayim luncheon, Temple Beth El, 2702 Arbor Dr.
Feb. 22On WORT's 8 O'clock Buzz with Brian Standing: Oh Dear, Where Does Our Money Go?
March 3Next System Teach-In at UW Lowell Center [WIDE-LP radio audio 23 min.]
April 14Gender & Women's Studies Club, Madison Chapter, 1335 Sterling Hall, UW
June 2Gun Violence Awareness Day - Central Park
June 21Make Music Madison - Madison Central Library
July 11Blessing Ceremony for Nuns on the Bus [video on YouTube]
Aug. 27MOSES Annual Picnic - Riley Barn, Verona
Sept. 17Fighting Bob Fest 2016 at Breese Stevens Field, Madison
Oct. 10Democratic Party climate workshop, Viroqua
Oct. 19Politics, Gender and Resistance - UWM Integrated Liberal Studies
Oct. 22Dane County Farmers' Market (last chance)
Dec. 3Fair Trade Holiday Festival at Monona Terrace
Dec. 3Granny serenade at From Here to Her Artist Collective Exhibit, Marzen, 2345 Atwood Ave.
2017   [annual report]
Jan. 10Out in the Cold: Evictions & Homelessness in Dane County - The Madison Institute [video]
Jan. 21Women's March on Madison [video on YouTube]
Feb. 4 Pipeline Fighters' Benefit Extravaganza at Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center
Feb. 11Susan B. Anthony Birthday Brunch, Beloit, WI
Feb. 19Circle the City with Love at the Capitol
March 19Interfaith event at the Capitol rotunda
March 25Wisconsin Grassroots Festival near Mazomanie [video on YouTube]
May 25Nan Cheney March for Justice Award Reception at Monona Terrace
June 21Make Music Madison at venue for WIDE-LP, 99.1 FM (broadcast live)
June 27Listen to Your Grandmothers book event at the E.D. Locke Library in McFarland
June 30Ken Lonnquist’s Birthday Bash at the Brink Lounge
July 7Paul Ryan Protest at the Sheraton Hotel,
July 8Sauk County Democrats at Steinhorst Park in Baraboo,
Sept. 13Listen to Your Grandmothers book event at the Sun Prairie Library [WIDE-LP radio audio 59 min.]
Sept. 29Wild Hog in the Woods - Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center
Feb. 13Recording of DACA Song (All I Dared to Do is Dream) [video]
June 21Make Music Madison in the WIDE-LP transmitter garage
June 21Make Music Madison at venue for WIDE-LP, 99.1 FM
Feb 22Chase Out Chase
June 21Make Music Madison at venue for WIDE-LP, 99.1 FM
(gig which led to front page photo in Wisconsin State Journal)
July 18Democratic event
Sept. 18Prairie UU Society abortion program
Sept. 18MARRCH rally video 1 video 2 video 3
Sept. 25Memorial event for Martina Rippon - Rosewood Villas, Madison
Dec. 3Fair Trade Holiday Festival at Monona Terrace   [Jingle Bells video]
Jan. 22Bigger Than Roe abortion rally at Capitol [WIDE-LP radio audio 11 min.]

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